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The badge depicts a boar playing a bagpipe. In this badge the boar appears as a devilish symbol. In bestiaries, it was described as a bristling beast, ugly and fierce, living in darkness. The boar is fierce and perpetually digs the earth, never minding the heavens. His fangs stick out of his mouth, he is filthy and is forever digging in filth. The sloth of the boar also makes him a sinful creature. In medieval Christian art, the pig was a symbol of greed and lust. He plays the bagpipes, which wa

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chasikis portefølje hos Shutterstock
Mosaic seamless pattern. Modern geometric texture. Vector illustration.
Vector de stock (libre de regalías) sobre Seamless Pattern Skull Ethnic Mexican Elements503163877,  #Celebrationdesign #Elements503163877 #ethnic #libre #mexican #Pattern #regalías #seamless #Skull #sobre #Stock #vector

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a drawing of a woman hugging a wolf's head
A bad attitude to shield yourself.
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a drawing of an animal that is sitting on the ground
a drawing of skulls with different colors and sizes on the front, one skull has been drawn
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a drawing of a mouse with the words reese written on it
35 Cute & Easy Animal Drawing Ideas
two cartoon dogs with mouths open and one has a bell around its neck
some sketches of greyhound dogs with their mouths open and one looking up at the camera
an animal with its mouth open and two other animals in it's arms, both wearing