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716K views · 11K reactions | The easiest formula you should start using if your goal is to lose weight, is this: 1. Figure out your deficit; goal weight x 10 150lbs x 10 = 1500 calories 2. Figure your protein intake; goal weight x .8 150lbs x .8 = 120g of protein 3. Figure out your carb intake; goal weight x 1 150lbs x 1 = 150g of carbs 4. Figure out your fat intake; goal weight x .3 150lbs x .3 = 45g of fat 5. Get 5k to 10k steps a day That’s it #howtolosefat #howtoloseweight #loseweịght #fatlosstip #fatlosstipsforfemale #fatlosstipsforwomen #getyourstepsin #proteinintake #carbscarbscarbs | Romiko | Pascal Letoublon · Friendships
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278K views · 12K reactions | You gotta try this! | You gotta try this!! | By Corey B | Eat a whole chocolate cake every night. You can't eat a whole what in the off ramp the fat camper you talking about? One apple, one egg, and cocoa powder. You can make you can make a you can make a cake out of apples? What? The crackles? You a that's a apple cake? That's huh? Welcome back to Ain't No Way Jose. Ain't no way. Never in my life did I you need one whole apple. Okay? Make sure it's a red apple. You don't want no sour cake. You don't want a sour apple cake. Okay? That's crazy. I got a serious question. Since this cake is made of apples. Does that mean one cake a day keeps a doctor away? Or is it one cake a day the cardiologist comes to play? I don't know. One egg. One apple. One egg. I don't see how this going to work. I think it's a prank. I don't know. This must have been a dessert that got even trouble. This gotta be it. I'm here making forbidden fruitcake. You crazy. Okay, welcome back to I am too close to having high glucose. This is one big heaping scoop of cocoa powder. I'm I'm adding more. There ain't no way. I'm not trying to taste apples tonight. That's ain't no damn way. I'm doing one and a half tablespoons of of cocoa powder. Now, she said this part is optional but it helps it rise. Baking powder little teaspoon. Just a little bit of baking powder. Okay? Okay. Now the only thing left to do blend it boo. Holy cow. Or should I say holy cacao? I mean, it looks like cake batter. I don't know. Okay, she made her cake in a big bowl. I'm using two rumpled steel skins to make mine, okay? I mean, yeah. That's cake consistency. This better work. If I swear, I swear by the shadow defy your side. I'll be there. Go ahead and add some chocolate chips to it too. Go ahead. Don't be shy. Go ahead. Put it in there. It's alright. Live a little bit. Live a little. Okay, now throw these in your oven at 350 for 30 minutes. 30 minutes. No less, no more, okay? Here you go. Let's see what we got. Let's oh. Okay. Look at this. Oh, that looks like a cake. Okay, that look. Okay, now put it in your refrigerator for about 4 minutes. Four minutes. Okay, was this fake or does it taste like chocolate cake? We're about to find out. Okay, here we go. I mean it looks like cake. It looks like cake. It looks that's cake. One. Two. It's cake and it's delicious. It's it's doesn't don't taste like apples at all. This is why I love the internet. This is why I love it. This is why it's undefeated.
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1K views · 18K reactions | Keep in a mason jar add to your yogurt 😎 | HealthSolutions101_ | healthsolutions101_ · Original audio
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2.7K views · 26K reactions | 😢🥺 | Greg Bates Lifestyle Change | princeglblifestyle · Original audio
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519 reactions · 196 shares | Share this to save another mom (especially us boy moms) from rainy day mayhem 🤪 This has been the best to get that last bit of energy out before naps or bedtime! There’s races, floor is lava, freeze dance, puzzles all within one break brain video. Have you tried these videos yet? | Stacie Carden | Post Malone · I Had Some Help
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1.8M views · 93K reactions | You have to try this! | You have to try this!! | By Corey B | Lady said if you're going to Starbucks you're wasting your money because you can make a pink drink with chocolate cold foam at home. And apparently it's healthier for you and it tastes much better too. Ooh. Okay welcome back to Never Get Your Name Right. Told them my name was Cory. They said Courtney. First thing you need is a cup and a half of strawberries. Put them in there. Now you need one cup of coconut milk. One whole. Look how dipped that is. Ooh. She working out. Look at that. Did you know this drink is $9 for a grande? Save that money and put some gas in your Hyundai. Okay? Those $9 for a grande. Are you out of your damn mind? You can feed nine kids from that infomercial for one whole day with that money. That's crazy. Nine different kittens. Okay now you want to blend it. This is your pink drink base. Okay? Oh that looks nice. Smells nice too. Ooh that smells like damn strawberry shortcake. Hey welcome back to Cutbacks and Starbucks hacks. Oh that's a ooh I creamed all over the table. One fourth cup of coconut cream. What's that taste like? Ooh. Ooh. One tablespoon of Canadian blood. Or tree juice. Or maple syrup. Whatever you want to call it. But that's that's what that's just damn tree sugar. It's all that is right there. That's the tree. One tablespoon of tree sugar. Okay last but not least you need one tablespoon of cocoa powder. Okay? Oh That's it. Right there. That's it. That's it. Froth it. Oh. Okay. Oh. Oh. There you go. Now we're doing something. Get it all creamy. Ooh. Look how thick that's getting. If I go missing tomorrow, it wasn't me. You can add ice if you want to but I want my grande to actually be a grande, alright? So that's why I'm just I'm going straight up. Dad, la la la. That's look how much that made. This is that's a that's at least 2 days worth right there. Okay you can't leave home without that cold foam baby. Layer it on top. Layer it on top. Oh. Ta the. She said this is supposed to taste exactly like a chocolate covered strawberry. We're about to find out. So I got enough to make this every day for a whole week. A nut. And that was only like ten. That was only $ten. No way. Is dreamy and creamy. Oh my gosh. You don't gotta go nowhere. You can stay at home and do it. You Save your $9 dollarsand give the grocery store a hollers, okay? Cuz you can do this all by yourself. That's delicious.
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333K views · 26K reactions | Healthy Sweet Treats 🍫 I get sugar cravings everyday and as much as I like a treat I was looking for ways to have a slightly healthier way to satisfy my cravings and I think this may be the one Ingredients: - Medijool Dates - Almonds - Peanut Butter - Dark Chocolate - Sea salt / dedicated coconut Method: - Cut open the dates and add peanut butter and an almond - Cover in melted chocolate - Add sea salt and/or dedicated coconut - Place in freezer for 30 minutes - Take out and leave in fridge ready to eat! Kettle: @lecreuset #healthyfood #healthydessert #cooking #recipe #cookingathome #cozyhome #boatlife #dessert | Adam Lind | adam.floatinghome · Original audio
a man holding a glass jar with something in it and looking surprised at the camera
1.2M views · 128K reactions | Cold foam at home. | Corey B | iamcoreyb · Original audio
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191K views · 7.7K reactions | You gotta try this! | You gotta try this!! | By Corey & Alicia | This lady said you can make caramel at a date safe. And then a little bit of coconut milk and some salt. It's look at you like caramel. Wow. You can dip all kinds of stuff in that. It's saving lives with this one. Okay. There's nothing like this. Okay make sure your dates are pitted. Okay? And if they're not pitted pit them. How do you even pit them? I know. Hey. Now you want to let the date sit in hot water for 10 minutes. Yeah. Oh my gosh that's hot. I guess you can say that's a speed date. Oh okay. Oh. Natural healthy caramel. Guilt free. Guilt. I love it. Like OJ Simpson. He was guilt free. Was he though? He was guilty. Now they've been sitting for 10 minutes. Throw them into your blender. Is that not hot for your hands? No it feels good. How do women how come y'all like water so hot? How can y'all do that? Is your skin different than my skin? It doesn't feel hot. It's hot as look it's steaming Alicia? It feels good. But even when you keep the shower on you put shower so hot. It's just to keep you from in it. No I think it's because you're directly related to Satan. Every woman. Corey B the Woman Hater. I think you are. I did like that movie Little Rascals. Wow. The Woman Hater Club. The He Man Woman Hater Club. What? The He Man Woman Hater Club. He man yeah. Half a cup of coconut. Coconut milk. You're not just going half a cup of you know not just coconuts. Half a cup of coconut milk. Half a cup of coconut milk. There you go. Holy moly. You throw half a cup of coconut in there. I got it. See that's why Corey heck. No. It's glass. You got it. It's 'cuz you knocked it. Just a dash. Just a dash. Was two full pours. Okay, not a dash. Two full pours. That was a full pour. Pinch of salt. Could a bit. Could bit of salt. And just a little bit of that. A 00 percent organic maple syrup. You can put way more than that. You're being so stingy. Whoa. You are being stingy. Stop. Just two tablespoons of like 47% of your daily. I guess you know what? This is a refined sugar. This is real sugar. That sugar's good for you. That's good. It's good. And it makes it taste good. That's good sugar. Okay. Blend it. Hi, Yeah. Ooh. Don't you dip your strawberry in that baby. Smell that. Smells really sweet. It smells very sweet. It kind of smells like kind of smell like rum cake. That's because I put a lot of vanilla in it. Yes. You did put a lot of vanilla. Healthy caramel from Dates. One, two, three. Yo. Oh my god. Yo. That's so good. Can we eat that just like that? I don't know. Can we eat it like that? Dates are healthy. Is coconut milk's not bad for you and. No. This is going to be just the dessert. We didn't put anything in there as bad for you. All this stuff's good for you. So I can just enjoy this like this. I mean I guess so. That's so good. Oh my god. Drop it. It's so good. Yo if you got a sweet tooth you gotta use all the other bad sugars. That's candy right there. That tastes like candy. That's really good.
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113K views · 4.4K reactions | Lemon blueberry cheesecake✅ Enjoy the recipe!⬇️ ▪️1 container blueberries ▪️2 tablespoons zero cal sugar ▪️lemon juice ▪️3/4 cup non fat plain greek yogurt ▪️2 tablespoons whipped cream cheese ▪️1 tablespoon lemon jello mix ▪️1 scoop MD vanilla whey protein ▪️4 vanilla wafers ▪️ 1 cheesecake is 1 serving with 394 calories with 44 g protein Total Weight Loss 2.0 has a LAUNCHED💪 Over 200 updated recipes, new tip sheets, and everything you need to maximize 2024!!🔥 #weightloss #mealprep #simplerecipe#simplerecipe #breakfast #diet #food #nutrition #easyrecipe #fatloss #lowcalorie #lowcal #health #muscledummies #life #reels #instareels #reelsofinstagram | Johnny Hadac | Johnny Hadac · Original audio