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an assortment of medieval armor and shields
Großschild, Rundschild und Turmschild
-Thranduil & Elves Concept Art- Dragons, Fantasy Characters, Fantasy Character Design, Armor, Elf Armor
-Thranduil & Elves Concept Art-
an image of various types of hammers drawn by hand in pencil and ink on paper
Axe Weapon Drafts by NoveliaProductions on DeviantArt
Axe Weapon Drafts by NoveliaProductions on deviantART
an old paper with several different types of swords
Make Believer
Elf Week: Elven Weapons by Atohas
an image of different types of swords
Blades of Middle Earth
two silver and gold colored metal objects on a red velvet background with the words,
Lonnar´s Hammer, the Warrior
Lonnar´s Hammer, the Warrior
a large metal object with an intricate design on it
ArtStation - Explore
an old style hammer with gold accents on it's head and two large axes sticking out of the handle
Sangue Blu +12 atk, -6PV. Se esce piu di 15 aumenta l'atk di 8. Diminuisce la def dell avversario di 4.