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three jars with candles in them sitting on a mantle
40 Magical Mason Jar Decoration Ideas - Bored Art
a living room filled with lots of furniture and windows covered in wooden slatted coverings
a living room filled with lots of furniture and plants
Elegant Boho Home Decor with Lush Greenery and Cozy Neutral Tones for a Relaxing Living Space
This living room epitomizes elegant boho home decor with its mix of lush green plants, cozy neutral tones, and natural materials. The woven pendant lights, textured cushions, and wooden accents create a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxation and gatherings.
a bedroom with green walls and bedding in the corner, two hanging plants on the wall
20 Sage Green Boho Style Bedroom Ideas to Transform Your Sleeping Space
Indulge in tranquil ambiance with Sage Green Boho style bedroom designs that exude effortless cool! Discover 20 inspiring ideas to recreate the perfect bohemian retreat. Pin now and get ready to snuggle up in serenity!
some baskets are hanging on the wall above a dining room table with chairs and plates
Do you have a boring wall?
Uma forma diferente e criativa de personalizar a sua cozinha é pendurando cestos artesanais na parede. #decoracaocozinha #cozinharustica #ideiascozinha