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Whether you're a resin beginner or you've got some resin skills under your belt, you'll find lots of resin tips, tricks used by resin pros and information about…
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a woman is working with some fabric on a piece of wood and the title says 4 brilliant ways to finish resin jewelry
Ideas for Finishing Resin Jewellery
I'm so glad I found this! I've made all these resin charms but I didn't know what to do with them because they don't have holes in them. Now I've got a bunch of ideas for turning them into jewellery. Awesome!
three plastic cups sitting next to each other on top of a red surface with the title care tips for your resin moulds including storage ideas
Tons of Information on Caring for Resin Moulds
If you want your resin moulds to last, then check out this comprehensive article on how to look after them and how to store them. There are also tips for demoulding the resin from them and what you can expect as the moulds get older. There's tons of information here that you'll find helpful.
the cover of mother's day flowers is shown with pink flowers and petals scattered around it
How to Dry Your Mother's Day Flowers
I'm so doing this! I want to put my Mother's Day flowers into resin so that every time I wear my jewellery, I'll think of my kids. Now I know all these different ways to dry my flowers. Such a great idea! #dryingflowers #resinjewelry #howtopreserveflowers #mothersdaycrafts #mothersdayflowersideas #MillLaneStudio
colorful roses with the words most asked questions about drying flowers
Get Answers to Your Questions About Drying Flowers
Get all the basic info on how to dry flowers so that you can preserve them in resin. This article has ideas for how to keep them fresh until you're ready to dry them as well as answers to all the most commonly asked questions about drying flowers in the microwave and silica gel. There are also links to even further helpful information.
a container filled with blue liquid next to sliced bananas on top of a metal tray
Epoxy Resin - Casting Resin vs Coating Resin
Epoxy resins are all the same, aren't they? Well it turns out, that's not the case. There are several types and they're all designed for different types of resin work. This article explains the differences between casting epoxy and coating epoxy: the two epoxies you are most likely to need for you project. Once you're armed with this knowledge, you'll actually know which resin you should choose!
the beginner's guide to why resinin bubbles
Why Has My Resin Bubbled?
Bubbles can ruin your resin jewellery and it can be disheartening when you're a resin beginner. Find out what the culprit is and how to prevent it from happening when you're casting with a quick curing resin.
the number 1 thing resin hates is in front of a pink background with water droplets
The Number 1 Thing Resin Hates!
Avoid this one thing that resin hates more than anything else and your DIY resin projects will be much more successful. And take heart.... even the experts make mistakes sometimes.
a person in blue gloves pouring liquid into a cup with the words 10 tips for working with resin
10 tips for working successfully with resin will ens
Put these 10 resin tips into practice and you are well on your way to resin success. Resin is a more technical medium to work with than most so you need to do all the basic things right to get the best results. Always follow these basic priniciples and you'll find that working with resin is enjoyable and rewarding. #MillLaneStudio #resintips #workingwithresin #resintutorial #epoxyresincrafts
two beaks filled with liquid and the words, what's the best way to measure
Beginner's Tips for Measuring Resin
Get these expert tips on how to measure your resin out properly so that you get the right amounts of resin and hardener. This beginner's tutorial shows you two ways for getting it correct: the one-cup method and the two-cup method. Plus, it shows you the extra little points you need to look out for using both methods. With these tips, you'll always get your resin ratio right.
how to make cells in resin art for beginners, with text overlay
Beginner's Resin Art Technique - How to Make Cells in Resin
This resin art tutorial for beginners shows you how to get cells and lacing in resin. It's a simple but very effective resin technique that is totally addictive. Once you start making cells you just don't want to stop. #MillLaneStudio #resincells #resinartforbeginners #diyresinarttutorial #resintechniques
the words will casting resini work for resinin art? in green and gold
Find Out the Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Casting Epoxy Resin for Artwork
What happens if you use casting epoxy on a resin art canvas or if you use artwork resin in a mould? Will it work? Find out what the differences are between pouring resins and casting resins and why it makes sense to use the right one for your resin project.
a blue object with the words, why did my resin bubble? click to find the answer
The Number 1 Thing Resin Hates!
There are many reasons why resin bubbles and foams. But this one thing will cause all sorts of different bubbling issues. Click here to find out more.
some paint and wooden spoons with the words can i use acrylic paints in resin?
Marble-ous Resin - How to Create a Faux Marble Finish
You've heard you can't use acrylic paints to colour resin, right? Well, that's not exactly true. Yes, you can use them in epoxy but there are some drawbacks. This resin art project briefly explains it and then goes on to show you how to marble using acrylics in epoxy. #MillLaneStudio #resinart #howtomarbleresin #coloringresin #whatcanyouusetocolorresin #acrylicpaintinresin
the cover of how to make resinin stickers with scissors and butterflies on it
How to Make Epoxy Resin Stickers for your Scrapbook Pages
Make your own domed resin stickers! They add so much dimension to your papercrafts and scrapbooking. Coat your old scrapbook papers with epoxy resin and when it's cured, run it through a Xyron sticker machine to make unique embellishments for your cards and scrapbook pages.
the cover of getting started making resinin crafts, which is being poured into a glass
Tips for Success with Resin - a Guide to Help You Have Success!
Get all the essential tips you need to know before you start resin. Resin can be finnicky if you don't get things just right but if you follow these tips every time you resin, it will help make sure you have success! #MillLaneStudio #resinguide #resintips #resinforbeginners #howtoresin #beginnersguidetoresin