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an image of a cartoon city with buildings and cars on the road, as well as food
Turnislefthome.com | The Work of Timothy J. Reynolds
Turnislefthome is the independent studio of 3D Illustrator, Timothy J. Reynolds. Currently based in Milwaukee, WI.
newlevel Isometric Shapes, Sprite Art, Game Level Design, Invisible Cities, Pixel Art Games
an image of a house with trees in the fall
MagicaVoxel - Google 検索
an illustration of a building with the word gum on it's front and side
I like houses and buildings so much. Sad, but they're rarely depicted in my illustrations. So I try to fix that lapse with a little batch of buildings facades. Vector, of course.
a three story building with people walking around it
IBM Cloud app
IBM Cloud app by Plenty , via Behance
a house on an island with trees and stars around it
Water Doodles
Water Doodles on Behance
the different sections of a building with multiple rooms and floors are shown in this diagram
Low Poly rooms
Low Poly rooms by Petr Kollarcik, via Behance (Can be used to teach the rooms of a house and their furniture in Spanish)
three different views of the ocean and land in one image, there is a boat floating on
an image of a small house in the middle of a field with trees and grass
Gladius Regalis★part1
Gladius Regalis★part1 on Behance
the legs and feet of two people walking through some rocks
Let's Talk About Soil - English
Let's Talk About Soil - English on Vimeo
an old computer with a keyboard and mouse
Summer Doodles
Summer Doodles on Behance
two identical white buildings with windows and shutters
Everyday Clay - A render a day
Everyday Clay - A render a day on Behance