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a board game with the words tension on it and an orange box next to it
Tension Game: Kids vs. Adults | MindWare
Tension Kids vs. Adults is a family edition of the board game Tension. Kids battle the adults and it's a riotous race to call out words that match a given subject...but only answers matching the 10 words on the card will score. You have 60 seconds, so don't lose time thinking! Beware, the kids may know more than you think they do!
the game pickles to penguins is on display in front of a white box with black lettering
Pickles to Penguins Game | MindWare
Have you ever wondered what a stop sign and a strawberry have in common? How about a zebra and a tuxedo? Pickles to Penguins is a fast-paced card game that is all about finding connections between seemingly dissimilar objects.
make your own cat treats kit
Create bakery-style treats for your furry friends! Each kit includes gourmet recipes to make healthy, homemade snacks-the perfect training treats for brainy pets. Professional decorating hints and supplies create finished goodies worthy of gift giving or display in "re-tail" store!
the science academy perfume lab kit is in its box
Science Academy: Perfume Lab | MindWare
What does it take to make the perfect smelling perfume you ask? A bit of biology, an equal amount of chemistry and a pinch of your own creativity! Discover the science of scents, explore essential oils, create crystal potpourri and perfect your own perfume line with Science Academy's Perfume Lab!
a colorful stone sitting on the ground next to flowers
Paint Your Own Stepping Stone: Mosaic | MindWare
This all-weather stepping stone is ready to paint right out of the box, letting you skip messy cement-mixing and get right to the fun part: decorating and personalizing! A dozen vibrant paints allow for endless creativity—mix, blend and add custom color accents. Once painted, bake the stone in your oven for a long-lasting, weather-resistant finish.
the science academy volcano lab kit is packed with chocolate and vanilla flavored puddings
Science Academy: Volcano Lab | MindWare
Geology and chemistry come together in Science Academy's Volcano Lab! The fizzing reaction between citric acid and baking soda makes bubbles of carbon dioxide that looks and moves just like lava in a volcanic eruption! Based on the geology of a real twin crater island near Alaska, this hands-on science kit is explosively exciting!
the rocket toy is in its box
Fling Force Rocket | MindWare
The Fling Force Rocket is a great way for kids to launch their love for physics and see the true power of kinetic energy in action. The fun blasts off as you place one of the two unique soft-foam rockets on the comfort-grip launcher and use your own energy to send them whistling in the air over incredible distances.
the pom pom rug kit is packed and ready to be used
Pom-Pom Rug Kit | MindWare
Accent your room with a plush rug sure to leave your toes tickled pink! First, use the pom-pom maker and colorful yarn to create 98 perfect poms. Then design your rug pattern and simply tie the pom-poms on to the canvas mesh. The 16" x 12" rug is the perfect size to accent your bedside or cozy up your favorite reading spot. The kit includes everything you need to complete the project including over 1,000 yards of yarn.
a kid playing with some kind of building set
KEVA Connect Starter Set | MindWare
The simple stacking fun of KEVA takes on a new dimension with special connectors that lock the planks in place. Slide precision-milled KEVA planks into the Connect pieces to create geometric compositions or freeform structures. As kids engineer their build-outs, they get a real life lesson on the design principles of scale and proportion and the physics of balanced forces. Starter Set includes 40 solid pine KEVA planks and 24 Connect pieces. Includes a building idea booklet.
science academy eco - formic lab experiment kit for kids, includes an experiment and experiments
Get ready to be a planet saving detective with the Science Academy's Eco Forensic Lab! This science kit makes it easy, safe and fun to learn about the hidden dangers facing our planet. You will create a chemical crime scene lab, identify microscopic water creatures, plan a portable pollution buster, learn a polluted water survival trick and even decode secrets in the soil
the brain builder junior game includes four cards and two matching instructions to make it fun
KEVA Brain Builders Junior | MindWare
Train young brains to think in multiple dimensions with this interactive STEM tool! Brain Builders JUNIOR combines 20 KEVA planks with a set of stimulating puzzle cards. Perfect for even the youngest of builders—each card features a fun, recognizable 2-D object and the goal is to recreate the pattern into a 3D structure.
the paint your own porcelain plates kit is in its box with markers and crayons
Paint Your Own Porcelain: Plates | MindWare
Just paint, bake and display! This is one-of-a-kind art that's both fun and decorative. Kids can paint and oven-bake their creations for display-worthy finished pieces. Includes 2 porcelain plates, 12 paints, 2 paint brushes, and 2 clear plate stands. Full color instructions show you how two create the artistic effect you want like color mixing, brushing, sponging and more!
three children's books about the world, extreme to dot and extreme to dot
Intricate, challenging and wildly rewarding to finish, these complex puzzles range from 300 to over 1,400 dots. Some puzzles even cover a two-page spread! Counting, mapping and concentration are just a few educational benefits of connecting the dots. Set of 3 includes U.S. History, Around the World and Around the USA books
two children are playing with a toy tree that they made out of string and plastic beads
Gravity's Edge | MindWare
When you play Gravity’s Edge, you’ll need to do more than just follow the rules. You’ll need to follow the laws of physics! Players take turns placing the weighted Tipping Points one by one. As each new Tipping Point is added, the tower's balance becomes increasingly unstable. The longer the game goes on, the more intense each turn becomes!
the children's cookbook for cooking
Playful Chef Cookbook | MindWare
The Playful Chef Cookbook teaches children ages 3 and up how to work safely in the kitchen and how to make delicious and nutritious dishes. This colorful spiral-bound cookbook includes 30 step-by-step kid-friendly recipes, along with important lessons about food, cooking and nutrition.