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How to Make an Aluminum Foil River for Summer - Happy Toddler Playtime Beach Necessities, Summer Fun For Kids, Summer Preschool, Fun Summer Activities, Daycare Activities, Summer Learning, Beach Hacks, Outdoor Activities For Kids, Toddler Play
How to Make an Aluminum Foil River for Summer - Happy Toddler Playtime
How to Make an Aluminum Foil River for Summer - Happy Toddler Playtime
Soothing Smoothing Glue Art
SAVE this super fun GLUE ART craft idea! @elmersproducts recently launched a great online inspiration hub; Elmers Creations. 🙌🏻 Make sure to check out all of the wonderful ideas you can do with your Elmer’s Glue on their website; visit my stories for more info! MATERIALS: 1. A canvas 2. Elmer’s White School Glue 3. Acrylic paint 4. A squeegee (A ruler can also work) 5. Painters tape INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Secure your canvas to a flat surface with painter’s tape 2. Use your Elmer’s White Glue bottle like a pen to draw a design onto the canvas 3. Let it dry for 30 minutes or leave it overnight 4. Once dry dot your canvas with acrylic paints. You can add as many colors and dots as you like 5. Use your squeegee and sweep the paint from the top to the bottom 6. Once dry (or straight after)
the summer schedule for toddlers
Summer Schedule for Toddlers to Keep Your Sanity
Easy to follow Summer schedules and routines great to use with toddlers or preschoolers. Create a rhythm for your day to save your sanity and make your children feel safe!
the summer schedule for kids is shown in rainbow colors and includes watermelon, sundae
Summer Schedule for Kids
Create a Weekly Summer Schedule that gives kids something to look forward to every day and adds a variety of fun activities to your week! #summerkids #summerschedule #summerfun
two children are playing in an inflatable ball on the grass with their hands
The Best Summer Activity: Shower Curtain Painting - Happy Toddler Playtime
The Best Summer Activity: Shower Curtain Painting - HAPPY TODDLER PLAYTIME
DIY Window Clingies | Elmer’s Creations
Make Window Clingies with just 3 Ingredients! 🎨Just mix 3 Tablespoons @Elmersproducts White School Glue, 3-4 drops dish soap, and 8 drops of food coloring. Dip a paint brush in the mixture and paint a design onto a sheet protector. We painted different shapes to use to build a flower garden 🌼🌱 Let dry for 60 minutes and peel. Stick the clingies to a window to “plant” your own window garden! 👉🏻Click to visit Elmer’s Creations to explore more DIY hands-on activities featuring Elmer’s Glue to inspire and celebrate the magic of making! #ElmersPartner #ElmersCreations #ReadySetCreate
two pictures with flowers and leaves on them, one is cut out to make a tree
Crafting a Beautiful Tree with Treasures from Nature - Raising Hooks