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two people in a car with the words how to diy cozy coupe makeover
VW Cozy Coupe
How to turn your cozy coupe into a VW surf car! A step by step tutorial and all items are linked!
Chic Floral Ice Spheres
Content Creator: @_janinegraff_ Boney M. - Sunny (feat. Connor Price) To make them, follow these simple steps: 1. Cut the stems off fresh roses, leaving only the flower heads. 2. Take a balloon and insert a rose head into it. 3. Fill the balloon with water until it is the desired size. Make sure the rose head is fully submerged in the water. 4. Tie the balloon tightly to prevent any water from escaping. 5. Place the balloon in the freezer and freeze it for several hours or overnight until the water is completely frozen. 6. Once the ice sphere is frozen, remove the balloon by cutting it off with scissors or by running the frozen balloon under warm water for a few seconds until it peels away from the ice. 7. Arrange the ice spheres in a bowl or container and add ice or additional
a vw bus cake is decorated with flowers and leaves on a white background,
Summer Combi, Pastel decorada con frente de combi Volks Wagen
two pictures of flowers and seashells in vases next to each other on a table
This Boho Beach Theme Party is a Ticket to Tulum!
This Boho Beach Theme Party is a Ticket to Tulum!
several pastries are wrapped in newspaper on a plate
Molotes (Masa Empanadas) filled with Mushrooms, Roasted Green Chiles, and Cheese + Giveaway
This may contain: someone is holding up some skewers with meat on them
Jerk Chicken Skewers are juicy marinated chunks of chicken bursting with bold, Caribbean flavour. With this versatile recipe, learn how to make jerk chicken skewers in the air fryer, in the oven or on the grill! Then serve it with your favourite Jamaican sides or dipping sauce.
the instagram page on instagram com is displayed with an image of cookies and other items
shrimp skewers with pesto sauce and lemon wedges
Grilled Chimichurri Shrimp Skewers
Grilled Chimichurri Shrimp - Snixy Kitchen