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five toy robots lined up next to each other
Tutorial: How to Build Your First Reddit Bot
This article is a quick walk-through of how to start interacting with reddit programmatically
a living room with couches, chairs and a flat screen tv on the wall
Is your SmartTV sitting idle? Time to turn it into a centerpiece.
Suggestions about what to do to bring life to your Android or Apple TV.
a cell phone sitting on top of a laptop keyboard
We created a virtual Android keyboard - reflections on lessons learned
The task of writing a virtual keyboard is both fun and educational
the history of computers info sheet
Brief History of Computers
Brief History of Computers 1837 - 2000s
a yellow poster with black and white writing on it's side, which includes information about organic traffic
7 Title Tag Strategies
for increasing organic traffic
7 <title tag> strategies for increasing organic traffic
7 <title tag> strategies for increasing organic traffic: 1. Add numbers 2. Add dates 3. Optimize length 4. Use synonyms and variants 5. Call to Action 6. Use top keywords 7. Ask Questions
a woman sitting at a table in front of a laptop computer with her hand on the desk
A Developer in a COVID-19 World
Using our development skills for the greater good of humanity, one line at a time.
an iphone is sitting on a white surface
Validate your Social Media Content Before Sharing
This is a helpful list of checks you should perform before starting to share content on social media.
an image of a computer screen with many words on it
How to Create Beautiful Code Images for Sharing on Social Media?
When you work with code, there are often moments where you want you are working on
a white tray filled with lots of different colored paints
Best Resources for Mobile and Web App Assets - February 2020
As an application developer, graphical assets are a necessity but finding an indie developer who codes
a person typing on a laptop with the caption do you want to convert a file to a docs or excel file? order now
What is a Mobile Application Developer?
What does a mobile application developer do?
a woman is using her cell phone while sitting at a desk with an open laptop
What do I Need to Know to Build Mobile Applications?
Beyond programming principles and UI design, the skillset depends on which mobile devices you want to write applications for.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Where Can You Study Coding or Computer Programming Near Augusta?
You can study coding online or at a few select places if you prefer instruction in-person.
a person sitting at a desk holding an iphone in front of a computer monitor and keyboard
Where in Augusta Can I Study Mobile App Development?
Building mobile applications requires a specific skill set and tools
several people sitting at a table with laptops and papers on it, all using their cell phones
What are Some Free and Affordable Workspaces for Developers in Augusta?
Finding an accessible workspace is important for small, remote teams. Here are our recommendations!