Hardware & Gadgets

Features images of different computing hardware and physical gadgets
33 Pins
an iphone is shown with the battery removed
Homescreen of insides
a raspberry board with two usb cables attached to it and a tool next to it
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry PI model B
a person holding up a small electronic device
Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi Zero
closeup of electronic components on top of each other
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi
the inside of a computer motherboard with many components
Circuit board
a close up of a cpu chip on top of a computer motherboard
Grey/Green circuit board
an image of a rasp board in its plastic case
Raspberry Pi Clear Case
Clear Case for Raspberry Pi Zero W
the rasp board is in its plastic case
Raspberry Pi Zero Clear Case
an electronic circuit board with many different components
Grayscale photo of circuit board
Circuit board black and white abstract photo
the inside of a plastic case with wires and other components in it on a white surface
Raspberry pi