The Foodies Bucket List

Places all over the world I want to eat at.
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two plates with hot dogs, french fries and ketchup are on the table
Lobster Rolls in Boston @ Neptun Oyster
an empty restaurant with tables, chairs and plants in the center is lit by candles
San Diego Restaurants: Restaurant Reviews by 10Best
Whisknladle/San Diego
two different plates with food on them and one has a teapot in the background
The World’s 50 Best Restaurants | The List and Awards
Gaggan/ Bangkok Thailand YES PLEASE!
a white plate topped with food and veggies
Vegetarian Restaurant Tian in Vienna
many different plates with food and utensils on them are arranged in multiple pictures
Osteria Francescana in Modena
sushi and chopsticks on a black plate
The 13 (!) course menu at n/naka in LA
there is a sandwich with shrimp on it and some lemon wedges next to it
San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant