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there are many vases on the shelf next to each other in front of a poster
Deko-Accessoires - Cross the Line
two chairs and a table in front of a window with pictures on the wall behind them
Esszimmer - Cross the Line
the table is set with wine glasses, plates and utensils
Tischdeko - Cross the Line
a white room with black and orange accents
Sitzbank - Cross the Line
a glass tea pot with a strainer in it
a living room filled with lots of pillows and blankets on top of a gray couch
Kissen - Cross the Line
a bed room with a neatly made bed next to two chairs and a coffee table
Schlafzimmer - Cross the Line
an empty black plate on a white background
a living room filled with furniture and lots of windows
Wohnzimmer - Cross the Line
a large group of beige balls on a white background
an empty wine glass sitting on top of a table
three tiered plastic utility cart with wheels and two trays on the bottom shelf
two planters with plants in them sitting on a table
Übertöpfe - Cross the Line
a gray chair with black legs and a grey seat cushion on the back of it
a black table with an oval base