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a candle holder with seashells and flowers in front of a christmas tree
Adventkranz in Rosa
a window sill filled with candles and christmas decorations
Dekohäuschen XMAS
a bed with blue and white comforters in a bedroom next to a pink rug
Weihnachts-Bettwäsche verspielt
a wooden table topped with cups and saucers filled with food next to a christmas tree
Frühstücksgeschirr XMAS
a small christmas tree with presents under it
Weihnachtsbaum in Rosa
christmas decorations and presents are on the floor
Christbaumkugeln rosa
a christmas tree with lights and decorations next to a gnome doll in front of a decorated christmas tree
three white shelves on the wall with vases and candles in them, along with other decorative items
Weihnachtsdeko verspielt
a white house with yellow windows on the front and side walls, is cut out from plastic
a white ceramic house ornament on a white background
three white deer figurines standing next to each other in front of a white background
a set of twelve candles with remote controls
four candles are lit on the wall above a white tray with an oval handle and five smaller ones
Kunstfell in Altrosa online bestellen Kunst, Caroline, 80's
a bedroom with pink and grey bedding in it
Verspielte Weihnachts-Bettwäsche
two ornaments hanging from a christmas tree with the words happy christmas written on one ornament
Christbaumkugeln verspielt
a pink ornament hanging from a christmas tree
Christbaumkugeln rosa
the wall is covered with pictures and other things on it, including a dresser in front of them
Weihnachtsdeko verspielt