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a living room filled with furniture and a large window that opens to a backyard area
San Francisco Residence by Mark Davis Design | HomeAdore
a woman in an orange bathing suit taking a selfie with her cell phone next to some plants
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an outdoor patio with chairs and tables surrounded by trees
Minimalistischer Garten - eine Kombination zwischen Schönheit und Einfachheit
an empty staircase leading up to the second floor
Superfici creative con materiali naturali, ecologici, da riciclo. Pavimenti e rivesimenti in resina, microcemento e materiali di design.
the stairs lead up to an open window
70er Jahre-Bau groovt sich in die Neuzeit | homify
a house with a wooden deck in front of it
„Es war definitiv keine Liebe auf den ersten Blick!“ – Zu Besuch bei kleinstadtklischee in Zistersdorf
two pictures of a living room and dining room with wood floors, white walls, and wooden flooring
Stadtvilla mit Walmdach und 160m² - Stadtvilla Walmdach 160 - LUXHAUS | LUXHAUS