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there is a man that is looking at the camera
The real Mark and Lexie...The truth comes out when we are hurting and are willing to be honest and open up about how we feel!
two doctors talking to each other in a hospital hallway with the caption dr sloan after you, dr grey, thank you, dr sloan
Lexie e Mark - -- Dr. Sloan. -- Dr. Grey. -- Dopo di lei, dottoressa Grey. -- Grazie, dottor Sloan. Ahhaah :D (5x13) | Facebook
Grey's Anatomy - Lexie and Mark
a person holding up a piece of paper with the words grey sloan memorial hospital written on it
Grey’s Anatomy – 9×17 Transplant Wasteland
I don't think any other tv show has toyed with my emotions as much as Grey's. Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
two men and a woman wearing crowns are sitting on a couch with balloons in the background
Grey's Anatomy Photo: "Invest in Love"
"Invest in Love" - Grey's Anatomy Photo (8912133) - Fanpop