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the easy diy charging station is great for kids and adults to use it in their home
DIY Charging Station for iPads and Tablets - B Honest Media
Families have a lot of devices, and of course, everything needs to be charged at the time. Instead of having charging cables floating around the house, create a charging station. A charging station helps keep all devices charged. It also makes it easy for kids to find the device they need. How to Create A
two lamps that are hanging from the ceiling
Clip on these magnetic cover shades to your recessed lighting that would normally just be an exposed bulb.
an old computer desk is transformed into a diy file cabinet desk
60 Easy DIY Ways How to Build a Desk Quickly and Cheaply
How to build a #DIY desk from file cabinets and wood planks. Great project idea! #homedecor
the easy diy desktop printer shelf is made from cardboard and has three compartments to hold files
Easy DIY Desktop Printer Shelf ~ I was frustrated with the amount of space our printer took on the desktop and the wasted space it created underneath. So I created my own inexpensive printer shelf out of an unlikely item that was super easy to make!
a chalkboard with some writing on it next to drawers and a pencil in front of it
File Cabinet Makeover with Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard Paint File Cabinet Makeover for craft storage or whatever else.. I think this is what I want to do with the filing cabinet sitting in our garage!
an open drawer with some papers in it
Mini Office in a Chest How-To
Goodbye ugly metal filing cabinet - hello filing cabinet disguised as a bench! For the day I have an office and this isn't in my laundry room :)