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an image of some drawings on paper
4-099-Kinggo | New tangle Kinggo | Susie Ngamsuwan | Flickr
many squares with different designs on them are arranged in the shape of a woman's head
zendoodle techniek
Zoals ik in mijn vorige bericht al beschreef, is 'doodlen' de Engelse term voor 'kriebelen en krabbelen' op papier. We kennen het allemaal ...
an image of some drawings on paper with lines and shapes in the middle one is drawn
Auf MySwing bin ich stolz, es gefällt mir besonders gut. Die einfachen Schwünge, die Fächer und die Perle in der Mitte ergeben für mich eine schöne Einheit. Mit ein wenig Schwarz in der Mitte ergibt es ein bisschen Drama.. Ihr seht es auch als Logo dieser Website. Ich habe mich riesig gefreut, als MySwing am 18.12.2016 bei Linda Farmer in die große Tangle-Datenbank auf "Tanglepatterns.com" aufgenommen wurde. Lindas Beitrag zu meiner Heimatstadt Dresden fand ich Klasse. MySwing ist a...
the text here is a list of all official zentangle @ tangles with links to their respective step - outs and youtube videos
List of Official Zentangle Patterns with Step-Outs & Youtube Tutorials – Tangle List
Here is a list of all official Zentangle® tangles with links to their respective step-outs and Youtube tutorials. There are also keyword descriptions of each tangle to make it easier to quickly search the list. Tip: Use the Search bar at the top right corner of the list to quickly find specific tangles. For example,...Read More »
four squares with different designs on them and one is drawn in red, the other has black
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a drawing of a flower with beads hanging from it's center
Inbox – dbdove51@gmail.com
the instructions for how to use nail art on nails are shown in black and white
One Tangle : Day Fifteen Hollibaugh variation
the instructions for how to draw different types of lamps
Pezino tangle and Overlap — Eni Oken
Learn how to create great shading with Eni Oken's ebooks • enioken.com
the instructions for how to make an origami quilt with different shapes and sizes
i-imgs.com - i-imgs Resources and Information.
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an abstract black and white image with wavy lines
| A N O M A L I E N | 2 0 0 9 |
|W S S S RSCHN| Mehr
an abstract line drawing with wavy lines in black and white, as well as the letter s
Examples of Zentangle Project
an open book with some drawings on the page and numbers in it, including two circles
my tangles
an app that shows how to draw flowers
Leef-e-vin by Millie Galliher
the ladyzabellae coloring book is designed to look like an image with butterflies on it
Ladyzabelle by Lila Holter
a pencil drawing of some kind of plant
Hyspheria by Olivia H Keirstead