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a painting of pink roses and green leaves on a blue background with a white circle in the center
De'esse Boutique
Happy Mother's Day wishes. #vintage #Mothers_Days #holidays #cards
a mother's day card with an image of two women in dresses and hats
Best wishes to you on Mother's Day. #Victorian #vintage #Mothers_Days #cards
a mother's day card with two children carrying flowers
It's Mother's Day! #vintage #mothers_Day #cards #cute
an old mothers day card with flowers on it
Vintage Mother's Day Card
Love my Mom... Happy Mother's Day Greetings, Mothers Love
Love my Mom...
an anniversary card with two children wearing hats and bow ties
Vintage Annuiversary Greeting Card 1950's Era | Etsy
Vintage Annuiversary Greeting Card 1950s era by ilovevintagestuff
a greeting card featuring a girl in a dress and the words, i love you to my husband
Vintage Birthday Card Husband Glittered Midcentury | Etsy
A personal favorite from my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/473863917/vintage-birthday-card-husband-glittered
a card with an image of a man and woman wearing hats on their heads, the text to my husband on our anniversary is to my great big handsome buckaroo