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four dandelions blowing in the wind against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds
The big meeting...
the sun is setting over a grassy hill
Summer is Here by Clement Fayet / 500px
by Clement Fayet
there is a statue that has two hands on the back of it's head
Rucksäcke und Kleidung to balance the unbalanced | pinqponq
an outdoor dining area with wooden benches and tables set up for dinner on the patio
Tweet / Twitter
the sun is setting at the beach with tall grass
Landscape Photography
a black and white photo of a man holding a woman's head in his hands
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a grassy field with yellow flowers under a cloudy sky
wallpaper | Tumblr
many white candles are lined up in rows
the statue is holding an angel's wings in front of a cloudy blue sky
Mérida cementerio 0084 ByN ch | Gaspar Emilio Segura López
an orange and green poster with the words do it for your future self