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a plant with watermelon hanging from it's sides on the ground in front of a building
Watermelon or Suger Baby Growing ideas Summer Garderning
Watermelon or Suger Baby Growing ideas
a stone path in the middle of a garden
an outdoor garden area with raised wooden planters
Grow More in Less Space! 49 EXCEPTIONAL Raised Garden Bed Ideas
Maximize your gardening potential! This collection features 49 space-saving and productive raised bed designs to help you cultivate a thriving garden in 2024, even with limited space.
the garden is being built and ready to be used as a planter for plants
23 Functional Cucumber Trellis Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Your Harvest
a garden with flowers growing on the side of it and a wire fence around it
Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2012
The $40 epic tomato trellis
The $40 epic tomato trellis #garden #gardeningtips #gardeninglife #gardeningideas #gardening
DIY Garden Trellis For Growing Vertically!
It doesn’t really get easier than this and if you can find the supplies used, it’s even cheaper! Just pound in the T-posts and attach the Cattle Panel with zipties. Make sure they’re UV resistant so they don’t degrade in the sun! I’m installing 8 of these trellis arches throughout my garden to maximize my vertical growing this year! On the list for growing are: •Sweet Peas •Several types of Cantaloupe •Several types of Green beans! Credit: microflowerfarm
a wooden chair decorated with blue bottle caps and an octopus figurine on the back
Original Design Ideas to Recycle Metal Caps for Home Decorating
Original Design Ideas to Recycle Metal Caps for Home Decorating
a wooden bench sitting under a tree next to a fence
Quiet litte corner piece 😍