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an image of a beach with a quote on it that says, and we will travel together and just be in love forever
49 Couples Travel Quotes to Inspire Love and Adventure
an image of a quote about women at work on a white background with black lettering
10 inspirierende Zitate zum Thema Glück - Women at Work
Wenn man glücklich ist, soll man nicht noch glücklicher sein wollen.
two people walking across a grass covered field with the words, vertrauben ist
Vertrauen ist, jemandem die Macht zu geben, dich zu verletzen, aber daran zu glauben, dass er es nicht tut. - VISUAL STATEMENTS®
a quote from paul wattzzawik about self - love
Wer zu sich selbst finden will, darf andere nicht nach dem ...
an old book page with the words it's time for a new adventure
It's Time for a New Adventure ~ Dictionary Digital Art Print: 8" x 10" ~ Rainbow Watercolor
an image with the words i'm bad with words, hope you're good in reading eyes
ride or die on Twitter
a train track with the words accept, the situation and move on written in white
Quotes 'nd Notes
the words i'm okay with my crazy written in black on a white background
Funny Quotes, Sayings, Humour, Feelings
hplyrikz on Tumblr
a piece of paper with the words should friends look at each other then we do?
the sun is setting over the ocean with an orange sky in the background that reads jedes ende ist en neuer anfrang
Jedes Ende ist ein neuer Anfang - Lebensweisheiten & Sprüche
the words are written in black and yellow on a dark background with an orange light
Warum Handeln für das Manifestieren so wichtig ist
a flower that is in the grass with a quote above it saying, kampfe memes um liebe, aumerksakket ober zu
Kämpfe niemals um Liebe, Aufmerksamkeit oder Zuneigung. Wenn es nicht freiwillig gegeben wird, ist es nichts Wert. - VISUAL STATEMENTS®
the right people hear you differently bliss
Michael Bliss
a piece of paper with a quote on it that says, don't be someone's sometimes
Quotes 'nd Notes
graffiti written on the side of a building that says destroy what destroys your life
Destroy what destroys you.
a piece of paper with the words people come and go, that's life
If You ↬Minhyunbin [✔] (republished)
an old book with the words, my thoughts were destroying me i tried not to think but the science was a killer too
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a bedroom with brick walls and a bed covered in green sheets, pillows and blankets
Home - Jellina Detmar Interieur & Styling blog
a person standing in front of a foggy sky holding a cell phone
100+ Inspirational Quotes For Successful Life
an open book with the words i am mine before i am ever anyone else's in
SisterChronix (@SisterChronix) on X
a mask with the words be careful what you tell people a friend today could be an enemy tomorrow
Quotes 'nd Notes: Photo