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an image of a cookie being made with chocolate chip cookies and text that reads, if you prefer soft cookies, use cornstarch instead of baking powder
Good idea, the cornstarch is supposed to make sure the proteins in the flour don't get too tough....
cookies stacked on top of each other with an avocado in the background that reads snack hacks when making cookies, replace the butter with avocado it tastes no different and makes the cookies healthy for you
Taran on Twitter
Cookies with no butter
two facebook posts with the same caption for each person's favorite food item
😋Snack Hacks Anyone?🍭
44 Life Hacks that Will Change The Way You Think About Snacks: Ever wondered how you can have a taco on-the-go?
an image of a croissant on a plate with the caption saying, better than fries cut potatoes almost all the way through, drizzle olive oil, butter, sea salt and pepper on top,
a recipe for pesto on a spoon with instructions to make it easy and delicious
Pesto recipe: Mix and match pesto, customize to your own taste!
The BEST PESTO RECIPE! Mix and match your greens and nuts to personalize for your own taste (and what you have in the fridge and pantry). #Pesto #Recipe #MixandMatch #Greens #Easy
an image of spices labeled in different colors and sizes, with the words'8 easy spice combos '
the table shows how to roast vegetables
Roasting tips
Cooking, Herbs, Rezepte, Family Easy, Veggies, Healthy Tips
the different types of smoothies are shown in this diagram, and there is also an info
Affordable Healthier Eating | Save A Lot
Smoothie Ideas | EASY | Summer Smoothie | Healthy Smoothies | Smoothie Packs | Make-A-Head Smoothies | #savealot #savealotinsiders
hawaiian chicken kebabs are served on skewers and ready to be eaten
ShakeLee #rezepte
ShakeLee #rezepte - #kebabrecipe
chicken, bacon, avocado and lettuce wrap recipe with ranch dressing
Hähnchen, Speck, Avocado Ranch Salat Wraps | Es ist wie ein B ... #ketorecipe - #ketorecipes
the steps to make zucchini lasagna casserole are shown here
This easy zucchini lasagna is a great low carb and healthy alternative to your typical lasagna #keto #lowcarb #healthy #recipe #PaleoDinnerBowls