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a potted plant with glasses on top of it and the caption in german
a cake shaped like a pirate ship with red and white decorations
a red, white and blue boat with sails on it's back end is floating in the water
�������� - ��� ������ ����-������ - Lariel
three paper boats with blue and white candy in them
the instructions to make a paper boat that is floating on top of water and surrounded by other materials
a toy sailboat is sitting on the floor with money in it's back
Geldgeschenk Segelschiff
a sailboat made out of shells on a table
Hochzeitsgeschenk für Segelfans mit Geld
a model ship with lights on it in a box
Diy Gift, Gifts For Kids, Business Gifts
DIY Geschenkideen zur Geburt und Taufe - NeLuMum
The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Does Not Exist...
Your DIY gift for a baby shower. Celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy with a heartfelt and handmade gift that will melt everyone's hearts! Credit: @nermeinaaa on Tiktok
a wooden sewing machine sitting on top of a book with the words walburga - gerd - hege written on it
a motorcycle is shown with the caption in german
Geburtstagswünsche Motorrad – 41 Sprüche für leidenschaftliche Biker
Geburtstagswünsche Motorrad – 41 Sprüche für leidenschaftliche Biker