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a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a trash can and wooden stools
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"Respectful Approaches to Potty Learning: Montessori and Elimination Communication"
a child's bedroom with a doll house on the floor
Baby floor bed. I couldn't love this more. Tegan's toddler bed right here!!! We will be making this!!
four pieces of wood are stacked on top of each other in the shape of cubes
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Montessori Baby Toy Wooden Shapes Stacker by asummerafternoon
a child's room with two beds and a book shelf
Official Disney Baby Store | Disney Store
Montessori Room- Floor beds, Low toys, mirrors, book shelves. Things that will teach children to be independant.
the wooden toys are laid out on the floor next to the bag and cloths
Montessori Baby Toy Gift Set, 4 Natural Wooden Teething and Learning Toys with Organic Finish
Montessori Baby Toy Gift Set, 5 Natural Wooden Teething and Learning Toys with Organic Finish. $36.00, via Etsy.
there is a baby laying on the bed with pictures hanging from it's sides
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Baby Art Flash Cards Printable Version by HelloSprout on Etsy, $12.00
a baby is sitting on the floor in a room with pink walls and polka dot rugs
Kids rooms - Petit & Small
Haus im Haus - Lass Dich inspirieren von diesem süßen Zimmer für Dein Baby >> Floor cushion corner
there are many different toys on the shelves in this room and one is for children to play with
Montessori Baby -- Baby Toys 6 to 10 months
Montessori Baby -- Montessori friendly Baby Toys 6 to 10 months!
a tree house made out of wooden logs
Raffle No. 6. Wooden Treehouse with Doll Family. $10 for a Chance to Win
Auction Package No. 50: Waldorf Wooden Magic Fairy Tree House with Miniature Furniture Set. Click to bid on this. More photos here:
a hand is holding a felt toy with different colored buttons on it
the red kitchen
Create small felt shapes in many colors, and a neutral felt mat. For each shape, create a buttonhole, and sew a matching colored button to the mat- this is an easy and inexpensive activity that works on buttoning skills as well as color and shape matching!
an image of a garden with carrots and radishes on the soil made out of felt
Activity Book (aka Quiet Book): Garden, Barn, & Apple Tree Pages
Garden quiet book page
four different pictures of the same fabric material, each with different colors and patterns on them
Quiet book for Vadim
Quiet book
several folded books are stacked on top of each other
Quiet Book - Overview
Homemade Quiet Book. I'm so excited to make something like this when I have kids!