Blooms - Acrylic Pouring Ideas with Flowers

If you like flowers, you will love acrylic pouring blooms. There are a few acrylic pouring techniques to create gorgeous blooms with fluid acrylic paints, like…
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a tie that has been made to look like an abstract painting with flowers on it
289 reactions · 11 shares | Here’s my process of creating multiple blooms on a canvas. I will finish it with embellishments and resin once it’s cured. Pinks, purples, gold acrylic paint was used. #acrylicpainting #paintpouring #bloomtechnique #processvideo #pinksandpurples #colorfulartwork #canvasartwork #makingart #pouringpaint | Marissa White | Dazz Band · Let It Whip
an abstract painting with purple and blue colors
#25 Blowing flowers, acrylic pouring art with a straw.
an abstract painting in black and white with blue accents on the bottom half of it
(7) Fluid Bloom/Sheleeart technique using Black Pillow Paint for the base
an abstract painting with yellow, blue and orange colors on the bottom half of it
Gee’s Acrylic Pouring For Beginners | Feeling blessed and grateful today 🙏 Another fluid art sunflower because they make me smile | Facebook
an abstract painting with red and black colors
(936) Amazing Red Bloom Technique, Acrylic Paint Pouring
an abstract painting is being displayed on a table
a blue and pink glass object sitting on top of a table
an abstract painting with blue and green colors
a plate with colorful flowers painted on it
an abstract painting with blue and gold colors
#218 WOW! LOOK AT THOSE GORGEOUS CELLS created using a mini-blower with attachment: Fluid Art
an abstract painting with white flowers and swirls in the center, on a white background
Elvira De Vries Wall Art
Flower Cross 7 Print by Elvira De Vries
a red flower is being painted on a black plate with a white and silver brush
(777) Easiest Bloom Recipe Yet! Cell Activator Recipe with US Floetrol!
four blue and white flowers are shown in this artistic painting style design, with gold accents on the petals
Elvira De Vries Wall Art
Multiple flower pour 6 Print by Elvira De Vries