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three tiered glass vases with rocks and water in them, labeled on the bottom
Mini-Kläranlage Selber Bauen | Filterzentrale
four different types of german ident cards with the same person in blue and white
four different types of cards with animals in them
an info sheet with different types of christmas trees and other things to see on it
a blue book sitting on top of a lush green field next to a tree and leaves
So viel Müll!: Wie du die Umwelt schützen kannst. Mit einem Vorwort der NAJU (Naturschutzjugend im NABU)
an image of a spider and leaves with words describing the different types of insects on it
an egg carton filled with stuffed animals and plants on top of green grass next to the words nativity - bingo written in german
Natur-Bingo für Kinder (Druckvorlagen und Spielideen)
a child's hand holding a paint palette in an egg carton filled with rocks and flowers
Schatzsuche im Wald für Kinder und Familien
a poster with animals and music notes on the wall next to a white wooden background
Rhythmusbausteine Musik
a bulletin board that has various items on it and is decorated with stickers, magnets, and paper
a cartoon bunny with question marks on it's face and the words kinderwissen was bich?
Kinderwissen: Feldhase oder Kaninchen?
an easter egg with the words lee - mol - loft on it
Lese-Mal-Heft Ostereier 1./2. Klasse - Frau Locke