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a wooden sign that says make waves on the front and back with beaded words
madison | VSCO
VSCO - madisonnmarieee - Collection
some leaves are laying on a table next to a piece of paper and string art
35+ Creative Diy String Art Ideas Projects (Step-By-Step Tutorial) #nails #nailsacrylic #nailsdesign #nailsfall #naisart
someone is holding up an art piece made out of string and wood with the sun on it
the letter m is made out of string and wood with blue thread on it's sides
Letter/Initial String Art- Order from KiwiStrings on Facebook ( )
a collage of photos with the words taschieln album bastelln
Material & Werkzeug -
Kleines Fotoalbum selbermachen, DIY für ein Leporello, Geschenkidee für die beste Freundin / best friend giftidea: how to craft a mini photo album via
a table topped with photos and clipboards next to scissors
DIY: persoonlijke fotokalender
Het najaar is begonnen, de dagen worden korter en donkerder. Buiten wordt het steeds kouder en re...
three calendars with the number one and two pictures hanging on clothes pins in front of them
DIY Instax Photo Calendar
It’s the time of the year where everyone is all about planning, buying calendars, cute planners, etc. I was at the store yesterday and the office supply aisle was crazy packed. If you want to…
two rings sitting on top of a white plate next to some black and white flowers
Schön abgelegt: Ringschalen mit Goldrand
DIY Ringschale | Schmuckschale | Schälchen | Goldrand | Sprenkel | Faux Ceramic selber machen | Modelliermasse | paulsvera