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Amazing build! 🎁Register to our newsletter and get free Van life resources.📧 Credits: @scarletandseth
the back end of a vehicle with several pockets and items hanging from it's cargo compartment
the back and side doors of a van with mosquito netting on it's windows
Mosquito Screens for Camper Van (Transit/Sprinter/ProMaster) - FarOutRide
a cabinet filled with lots of dishes and plates in it's drawers, all stacked together
Expeditionsmobil - Technische Details |
A drawer for permanent storage of breakable dishes for when the bus is on the move.
a man sitting on top of a white van with a hammock attached to the roof
Vanagon - View topic - Post Your Roof Rack Setup
Van Build Series | Ch. 9: Building our Bathroom and Shower in our Van Conversion