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an owl with orange eyes and red feathers
Music is the soul of language. / Музыка – это душа языка.
an image of a woman and a man in front of a sun
Fool's Gold Luster Print Occult Pagan Spiritual Tarot Spiritual Wall Art - Etsy UK
a painting of a black cat sitting in front of a half - moon and clouds
Haunted Cat Art Bundle - Five Digital Art Downloads - Spooky Black Cats in Surreal Settings
The Cat Art Bundle is is a digital art download including FIVE cat art download files. This download is to be used for personal purposes only. (Making prints and use on personal devices.) Commercial use is prohibited. See a different art print you'd like to download? Let me know! I can make any art print available in digital format. Like what you see? I have hundreds of other original paintings and art prints available. Head here: Learn more about me
a woman in an elaborate dress and headdress is standing with her hands on her hips
Asking AI Weekly
Prompt for 9/17/2022 Iteration 64 Curated Iteration from Midjourney AI Prompt Theme: caster witch, Mirror universe, cosmicpunk, voidcore, egyptian, graffiti hieroglyph
black and white photograph of two cats with their heads touching each other
Vergissmeinnicht von Raphaël -
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an image of a woman dressed in egyptian garb and holding a staff with the word sakrarat on it
Anubis by littlepaperforest on DeviantArt
Anubis by littlepaperforest on deviantART
a painting of a woman with glowing eyes and cat ears, holding her hand to her mouth
two cats are standing on top of each other in front of the sun and moon