kisses that linger
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a man with red lipstick painted on his face and chest, smiling at the camera
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an open notebook with lipstick on it next to a bottle of perfume and a pen
αrαbellα on Twitter
Saturday, August 12th I did my journal while I was watching "new moon
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a table next to a river and bridge
estel imane on Twitter: "MORNING MATCHA I OWE MY LIFE TO YOU" / Twitter
a drawing of a martini glass with a red lip on the top and bottom half
"Hoefly's Cocktail Kiss" California 1930s | Gallery quality art prints
a woman holding up a cup of coffee on the street with her arm wrapped around it
🍒 on Twitter
🍒 on Twitter: "my daily dose of matcha <3… "