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paper cut out shapes sitting on top of a cutting mat
1: First step to to cut out template and crease using a ballpoint pen. Water colour paper 185gsm was selected to build the structure.
an intricately designed piece of paper on a blue tablecloth with white geometric shapes
HONEYCOMB, work in progress. JUDiTH+ROLFE
the instructions for how to make an origami dress with white paper and scissors
MIDATION Installation by Juney Lee // http://www.juney-lee.com/#Installation
an image of many different shapes and sizes on a sheet of paper that is printed out
many images of different shapes and sizes of origami paper pieces, all in black and white
Account Suspended
Daniel Piker Paper Art / Origami Art / Paper Sculptures : More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest
four different views of white sculptures hanging from the ceiling
(PDF) UNDULATUS: design and fabrication of a self-interlocking modular shell structure based on curved-line folding
Curved-line folding is the act of folding a flat sheet of material along a curved crease pattern in order to create a three-dimensional shape. It is a creative and innovative way to produce...
a person is placing something on top of a blue cubed wall with their hands
Galería de Azulejo Czech / Correia Ragazzi Arquitectos - 4
Azulejo Czech / Correia Ragazzi Arquitectos,Cortesía de Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos
a hand is touching the wall made out of hexagonal tiles
texturgitator: “inhumanform: Edgy 3D Tile by Patrycja Domanska & Tanja Lightfoot ”
instructions for how to make origami flowers with green tissue paper and folded petals
Do-it-yourself Speicher in der Küche für bessere Organisation
BastelAlarm// NächsteLichterkette//
an abstract geometric design made up of hexagonal shapes on concrete wallpaper with cement flooring
'Edgy' - Asymmetrical surfaces and soft colours
New Kaza Concrete three-dimensional tile collection kazaconcrete
many origami pieces are arranged on a table
Paper craft
the instructions for how to make an origami bird from folded paper are shown
Tangrami Anleitung - 3D Origami Schwan falten
Tangrami 3D Schwan - Origami Anleitung
how to make an origami boat out of paper
ludorn is under construction
DIY – Kupfer Schmuck mit Sonobe | ludorn
how to make origami ornaments with lights in the background and instructions on how to fold them