Biophilic Design: Plants, Green Walls, Greenery

Fresh office designs with biophilic architecture and biophilic design items such as plants and greenery
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the inside of a building with tables and trees in it's centerpieces
PONS + HUOT's Futuristic Bubbly Offices | Office Snapshots
PONS HUOT’s Futuristic Bubbly Offices
two women sitting at a table talking in front of a wall with plants on it
The Assemblage Coworking Offices - New York City | Office Snapshots
The Assemblage Coworking Offices – New York City
two people playing ping pong in front of a wall covered with green plants and hanging lights
vivo Headquarters - Dongguan | Office Snapshots
vivo Headquarters - Dongguan
a living room filled with lots of furniture and walls covered in green plants on the wall
Salt Amenity Space at Google Offices - Mountain View | Office Snapshots
Salt Amenity Space at Google Offices - Mountain View
the logo for upgrade is displayed on top of a wall of green plants and foliage
Upgrade Offices - San Francisco | Office Snapshots
Upgrade Offices - San Francisco
a living wall in an office with people walking by
Microsoft Offices - Melbourne | Office Snapshots
Microsoft Offices – Melbourne
an office with plants and lights on the ceiling is pictured in this image, it appears to be designed as a circular seating area
Indeed Offices - Tokyo | Office Snapshots
Indeed Offices – Tokyo
an office filled with plants and people working
Cairnhill Law Offices - Singapore | Office Snapshots
Cairnhill Law Offices – Singapore
a long table with chairs and plants on it in front of a wooden paneled wall
EY Offices - Budapest | Office Snapshots
Planter box and greenery at EY Offices – Budapest
the interior of an office with wood floors and green walls on the wall behind it
Acamica Offices - Buenos Aires | Office Snapshots
Green wall with logo from Acamica Offices – Buenos Aires
a living room with two chairs and a couch in front of a large green wall
McDonald's Headquarters - Chicago | Office Snapshots
Fresh green wall at McDonald’s Headquarters in Chicago
two people walking down the stairs in an office with green walls on both sides and wooden handrails
Lendlease Headquarters - Sydney | Office Snapshots
Plant-filled stairwell at Lendlease Headquarters in Sydney
people are sitting and standing in an office with plants on the wall behind them,
BSE Global Headquarters - New York City | Office Snapshots
Branded green wall at BSE Global's Headquarters in New York City
people are standing in the lobby of an office building with green walls on the wall
Forest City Offices - Cleveland | Office Snapshots
Atrium moss wall feature at Forest City's Cleveland office
an office hallway with green walls and metal lockers on both sides, two women in red dresses are walking down the corridor
Boston Consulting Group Offices - Minneapolis | Office Snapshots
Modular moss wall at Boston Consulting Group's Minneapolis office