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the structure is shown with parts labeled
Gallery of "Urban Platform" Wins First in Lisbon Open Room Competition - 5
"Urban Platform" Wins First in Lisbon Open Room Competition,Scaffolding Axonometric. Image Courtesy of Bumjin Kim, Minyoung Kim
an aerial view of several blue and orange buildings with people walking around them in the background
Gallery of “Yolechang2020” Market / UAO Design - 14
scaffolding on the side of a building that has plants growing out of it
Scaffolds - a21studĩo
a clear plastic box hanging from strings with yellow sheets in the bottom section and shelves below
a black and white photo of a bridge
Das Kunstmagazin - [ART MAGAZIN]
Seite 3 - Megastructure Reloaded - Berlin - Architektur - art-magazin.de
an architectural drawing shows the inside of a building with red and white lines on it
Galería de Colombia, país ganador del VIII concurso Alacero 2015 - 17
Colombia, país ganador del VIII concurso Alacero 2015,Argentina / Lámina 05. Image Cortesía de Alacero
an image of a house that has been built into the side of a wall with plants growing on it
A comfortable density as a home. Daita 2019 by Suzuko Yamada Architects
a model of a house made out of metal and glass
Casa per tutti at Milan Triennale | Dezeen
a metal rack with various items on it
Blog Archive » Bruno Munari – Abitacolo Bed
a model of a green building with people walking around it
Veil Craft — figure
a stop sign on the corner of an empty street
an architectural model of a building with orange stairs
Design and Make with Autodesk
a drawing of two green vases sitting on the side of a road next to a beach
Productive boundary