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some eggs that are sitting in the middle of a street with people walking on the sidewalk behind them
À Lyon, cette street artiste joue avec les éléments de la rue pour surprendre les riverains
some type of painting on the side of a wall with playing cards in front of it
How To Fall In Love Abroad - Jetset Times
some green paper cutouts are laying on the ground next to large rocks and stones
du street art par Cal - 2Tout2Rien
a blue and white sign with a red cross on it's side that has a silhouette of a man hanging from the cross
a drawing of a cat on the ground with leaves in it's mouth and eyes closed
This Artist Continues To Brighten Up The Streets Of His City With His Adorable Chalk Art (130 New Pics)
a woman on a bike in front of a building
Unzipped: Large Scale Artworks by Alex Chinneck | Inspiration Grid