Only in Hamburg: A Guide to Unique Locations, Hidden Corners and Unusual Objects

A comprehensive illustrated guide to more than 100 fascinating and unusual historical sights in one of Europe's great cities. "Only in Hamburg" guidebook…
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an old brick building next to a river with a bridge in the background on a sunny day
Exploring Hamburg’s Warehouse City
Exploring Hamburg’s Warehouse City
a group of people standing on top of a roof next to each other holding musical instruments
Ensemble Resonanz © Tobias Schult
an old black and white photo of a woman with long hair wearing a headdress
Sayyida Salme: The tragic life of Zanzibar's rebel princess
Sayyida Salme: The tragic life of Zanzibar's rebel princess - BBC News. Buried in a cemetery in Hamburg with a bag of sand from Zanzibar.
the book cover for only in hamburg is hanging from a hook with an orange building in the background
City Guides for Independent Cultural Travellers
John Lennon‘s doorway, a floating church, the English sewers, and the unicorn of the deep.. "Only in Hamburg" is the ideal guidebook for independent cultural travellers wanting to set out on their own urban expedition.
many different masks are on display together
All Aboard Hamburg’s Floating Cabinet of Curiosities
All Aboard Hamburg’s Floating 'Wunderkammer'. Harry's Hamburger Hafenbasar is a unique floating cabinet of curiosities. Find out more in ONLY IN HAMBURG available here:
an open book with the title only in hamburg
City Guides for Independent Cultural Travellers
A unique guide to unusual spots in the port on the Elbe. A heady mix of the workaday and the cosmopolitan in Germany's second city.
a street light sitting on the side of a river next to a cityscape
Hamburg ─ Your Guide to Exploring, Living & Working in Hamburg
Alsterpanorama /
an image of a store with many items in the aisle and on the shelves for sale
Brendler Marine und Tropenausstatter
Tropen und Marinebekleidung -
an old brick building is next to a bridge
Hamburg Travel Guide: Awesome Hidden Gems by Real Locals
Hamburg tips by locals | Spotted by Locals city guide
Underground Hamburg (unter-hamburg e.V.)
Underground Hamburg (unter-hamburg e.V.)
an empty room with yellow and black stripes on the walls, two green doors open
Bunker, Tunnel, Katakomben - Hamburger Unterwelten e.V.
Underground Hamburg (Hamburger Unterwelten e.V.)
two horses pulling a yellow cart with people on it in the water while others are walking behind them
The Sea Horses of Hamburg
Across the sea to the island of Neuwerk - by horse!
an underground tunnel with the words hidden hamburg in black and white, above it is a photo
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Discovering Hamburg's Hidden Sights.
a long tunnel with lights on either side
Book Review: Only in Hamburg | EuroCheapo
Travel writing with a twist, for while Smith takes in Hamburg’s landmark sights, he also digs out spots where few tourists ever venture.