Only in Krakow: A Guide to Unique Location, Hidden Corners and Unusual Objects

A comprehensive illustrated guide to more than 100 fascinating and unusual sights in Poland’s culture capital. Discover Kraków’s rich royal heritage…
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a large metal sign that says sendzimra in front of some trees and buildings
Krakow’s Steel City
Krakow’s Steel City
a book cover with the title spielberg's abandoned film set near krakow, poland
Spielberg's abandoned film set near Krakow - Manned Up
Spielberg's abandoned film set near Krakow - Manned Up
some people are looking at a painting in a dark room with one person pointing to it
Kraków reopens Czartoryski Museum
The Czartoryski Museum in Kraków, southern Poland, reopened on Thursday after a decade under conservation. Attending the opening was Culture Minister Piotr Gliński.
a large mound in the middle of a field
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Delighted to have @hiddenEurope magazine feature an extract from my recently-published "Only in Krakow" guide ('Mystery and Memory: Exploring Krakow's Suburban Mounds) in their Winter 2019 issue
the book cover for only in krakow, with three children's heads surrounded by angel wings
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