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an orange and blue object with the words 5 tips for keeping your sillone resin molds in top shop
7 Silicone Mold Care Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid - Resin Obsession
Resin Obsession blog: How to keep your resin silicone molds like new
a person is holding something in their hand and it looks like they are going to paint
Monster Mud
MONSTER MUD (This is used for making Halloween props, in case you wonder)
a table with some tools on it and a person in the back ground behind it
rotational moulding DIY machine
rotational moulding DIY machine
two bottles of ice resin and a spoon
how to: resin tutorial
a bottle of fluid sitting on top of a wooden table
The Complete Future
So many craft uses for Future Floor Finish. Poly Clay, Resin, Plastic, tints, additives, removing it, etc. So much info! Very useful. The Complete Future
several different types of paint and glues on a black surface with one being white, the other is blue
TAP Silicone RTV Mold-Making System
TAP Silicone RTV Mold-Making System is a complete mold-making system that can be used to make virtually any type of mold!
the product catalog for smothon products is shown in this image, and it has been
Mold Max™ Silicone Mold Rubber - Tin Cure | Smooth-On, Inc.
For casting Pewter. Mold Max 60 - 1 Gallon Unit Mold Max 60 is a Shore 60A tin catalyzed silicone rubber containing iron oxide for added heat resistance. It features a low mixed viscosity and cured rubber exhibits very low linear shrinkage. Parts A & B are mixed 100A & 3B by weight. Pot life is 40 minutes and cure time is 24 hours. Net Weight : 12.36 Lbs. $108.50
three different types of waxing products are shown in this image, one is blue and the other is white
mould making silicone rubber /for car tire, for sex doll: 1.non deformation 2.low shrinkage 3.high tear strength The price is 10~20usd/kg . Any further information required,pls feel free to contact Cindy Tel :86-1893886 7554 Emial:hysg@szrl.net -Skype:cindyhyy5
an assortment of different types of rubber tires and other materials for the use of coatings
RTV silicone rubber for tyre mold,price : 12-15$/kg contact:Maggie mob:86-18938867501 skype:maggie.shi17
three laboratory beakles filled with liquid and measuring cups on a counter top in black and white
Specialty Resin & Chemical : Good Priced Colored Polyurethane Casting Resins & RTV Silicone Rubber for Resin Casting
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Alley Goop - the silicone mold putty that cures in 10 minutes and captures fine details
clayalley.com - Alley Goop - the silicone mold putty that cures in 10 minutes and captures fine details
an advertisement for metal and plastic parts in house with some day results on the front
Tekcast Industries
| TEKCAST.com Spin-casting | Plastic and Metal Casting Equipment, Silicone Mold Rubber, RTV, Training - TEKCAST Industries, Inc.
the process to make an egg slicer is shown in four different pictures, including one being
Amazing Mold Putty vs EasyMold - The Blue Bottle Tree
Amazing Mold Putty vs Easy Mold, learn which is stronger and more durable.