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the letters h and h are made out of black metal brackets on a concrete wall
KOPi MANYAR DeSiGN bY ANDRA MATiN @andraMATiN JL . BiNTARO TENGAH BLOK 02 No .14 Bintaro Sektor 1 BINTARO JAKARTA SELATAN INDONESIA 021 7353932 #atelierdiatravel #artention #diartravel #coffeeforLIFE #DiAcoffeeLIFE #AQUiREunderSTANDiNG @ kopiMANYAR #kopiMANYAR #kopiMANYARbinTaro DIA ArT TRAVeL #iNTRAVeLJAKARTA #inlovewithindonesia #diartravel #attaism_ #TaKeCAREindonesia #DIAism #DIA_ism
the number two is written in black ink on a concrete surface with an arrow pointing to it
Signage Design | By Nitsche Arquitetos
Signage Design | By Nitsche Arquitetos
the number two is placed in front of a concrete wall with a black metal frame
Marigold Residence
Marigold Residence on Behance
the number five is made out of black plastic and sits on a white surface in front of a plain background
Denis Romainville - Numéros en acier
the size and width of two shower screens, each with different sized dots on them
Matrix Hanging Panel - Shop
an outdoor area with wooden floors and perfored screens on the side of it
Gallery of Graphic Perf Metal Panel System - 10 Metal, Architizer, Panel Systems, Elevator Lobby, Building Facade, Metal Design, Material Board, Metal Panels, Metal Grid
Gallery of Metal Panel System - Graphic Perf - 10
Gallery of Graphic Perf Metal Panel System - 10
a building that has some writing on it
vaumm arkitektura: basque culinary center
a large metal structure with holes on it's side in front of a building
Stadtmuseum Rapperswil-Jona extension and renovation by MLZD
Goldene Lochblech-Fassade als echter Hingucker.
an empty hallway with black and white tiles on the walls, and a large window in the background
Gallery of LOIOS Recovery / OODA - 30
an empty street lined with metal screens in the middle of a concrete tunnel at night
a large vase sitting on top of a floor next to a wine bottle display case
Natursteinwandverkleidung | Restaurant Aura in Zürich
Die Wandverkleidung im Vorraum zum Weinkeller ist mit brochrohen Hellas Quarzit Platten ausgeführt.
a large vase sitting next to a stone wall in a room with tables and chairs
Natursteinwandverkleidung | Restaurant Aura in Zürich
Großformatige Steine beim Ofen, passt gut mit Graphit matt, weiß, Holz