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a cat rug is on the floor in front of a fireplace with lit up lights
Fried Cat Rug + Lights Christmas Vacation Gag Gift National Lampoon Cousin Eddie Griswold Fans Christmas Decor Home or Office Party
"Original Fried pussycat rug WITH lights from National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. Hysterical hostess gift, holiday party decor or gift for coworker. This beats a cousin Eddie or Clark Griswold T-shirt, National Lampoon Ornament or jelly of the month club. Kick off your fun, old-fashion family Christmas with your own fried pussycat under your tree for a ridiculously funny conversation piece inspiring reenactments with classic quotes. A 5' set of lights is included (white the last). I'm sorry bu
an old advertisement for toasters with a woman holding a can and another man standing next to the toaster
Cringeworthy Christmas adverts claim all women want is a hoover
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree with a man in suit and tie
Die Hard Inspired Hans Gruber Falling off Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Ornament also Works as Keychain/pendant - Etsy
Die Hard Hans Gruber Falling off Nakatomi Plaza Christmas - Etsy
a christmas ornament with a man's face on it hanging from a tree
Who's watching Die Hard tonight?
a small wooden building with snow on the roof and steps leading up to it, in front of a grey background
Gingerbread House Inspiration (Top 10) | Sugar Geek Show