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a crocheted snowflake is shown on a black background
May Flower 2014 Snowflake #2
Crochet Treasures: 100 Crochet Snowflakes
crochet snowflake pattern with text that says frosty, free crochet pattern
Lovely Crochet Snowflakes Pattern Ideas
a white crocheted snowflake on a gray surface
Brighten Your World with these 10 Crochet Snowflake Patterns
a crochet snowflake ornament hanging from a christmas tree with lights in the background
Lace Crochet Snowflake Ornaments Free Pattern
crocheted doily with yarn and scissors on the table next to each other
Wispweave Octagon Free Crochet Pattern
Wispweave Octagon Free Crochet Pattern
a crocheted snowflake sitting on top of a rock
Sunday snowflake
a close up of a purple object on a white surface with snow flakes in the background
Antarctica snowflake
Antarctica snowflake – snowflakepatterns
a white snowflake sitting on top of a table
Happy new year! - Snowflake pattern
Crochet snowflake - free pattern
a blue and white snowflake is shown on the ground in this artistic photo
Winterfell Snowflake revisited
three crocheted snowflakes hanging from string on wooden table with wood background
Merrymaker Snowflakes
Hello! :) Today I am sharing the pattern for these little snowflakes! These versatile snowflakes can be used to decorate your Christ...