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four different colored easter eggs hanging from brown string with polka dots and stripes on them
Ostereier-Set - schwarz/weiss
a bowl filled with seashells on top of a table next to other items
Photo Diary: A Day at the Shelter with Wags and Walks - Lauren Conrad
Shells & Pearls
a candle is lit on top of a wreath with pine cones and evergreen leaves in the center
weisses herz
weisses herz
three tiered tray with candles and pine cones
30 Winterdeko Ideen nach Weihnachten: Winterliche Dekoration im Januar
three candles are lit on a table in front of a couch with pillows and blankets
Ahh, The Pretty Things
Love the coffee table décor. I am sure Nick will fight me on the functionality of this though.. men.
a tray with candles and deer figurines on it
Lovely decoration for the living room or dining room table
some white candles sitting on top of a pile of wood logs and nuts in front of them
Rustic Christmas Decor
Rustic Christmas Decor by Canadian Log Homes
a vase filled with pine cones next to a candle and some candles on a table
takken in vaas met dennenappels en lichtjes ertussen
a christmas tree with ornaments and candles in front of a window, next to a glass vase
Kerzenhalter online kaufen im Wohnen-Shop
#Windlichter #Dekozweig #Dekovase
a candle is sitting in a glass vase with rocks and leaves on the table next to it
Meine Hochzeitsdeko | Hochzeitsshop für Hochzeitsdekoration
Glaszylinder Heavy mit dekorativen Nüssen und Kastanien - Tischdekoration "Herbst" -
a vase filled with pine cones on top of a table
Lighted Pinecone Branch Centerpiece
a glass ball with some plants inside of it
Drahtkugel mit Weihnachtsdeko
Drahtkugel mit Weihnachtsdeko - Basteln und Dekorieren
two glass jars filled with nuts on top of a table
Ganz einfache & ganz schnelle Kastanien Deko Idee.
diy kastanien teelichter deko {was eigenes} diy chestnut decoration
two glass vases filled with different types of fruit and candles on a white table
Villa ✪ Vanilla: Autumn. A good thing to do with all the conkers you can't help collecting!