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a sea shell hanging from a hook on a door handle with a cross drawn on it
Tips before walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
"Throughout most of my previous time in Spain, my experience with Spain’s churches—from the magnificent Spanish cathedrals to the small Romanesque churches—was more akin to visiting fascinating museums than attending church. The buildings were beautiful but largely empty. The spaces felt sacred but forgotten." —p. 71
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símbolos del camino de santiago - Bing
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Coquilles en Galice - Le chemin vers Santiago de Compostela
coquille saint jacques dans la Cathédrale de Santiago, à l'entrée des reliques de St Jacques
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20 Truths About Walking the Camino de Santiago
20 truths about walking the Camino de Santiago
a poster with an image of a man holding a cane and the caption reads,'camino de santiago tips 48 prep for going over the pyrnees '
Camino Tip No. 48: Prep for the Pyrenees - Jane V. Blanchard
Camino Tips 48
a poster with an image of a man holding a cane and the words'camino de santiago tips '
Camino Tip 47: Learn Spanish - Jane V. Blanchard
Camino Tips 47: Learn Spanish.
the best 10 hiking backpacks the ultimate guide
Best Hiking Backpacks of 2024
best backpacks for backpacking
a poster with the words protect yourself from the sun and enjoy the journey without heat
Camino Tip No. 15: Protect yourself from the sun • Jane V. Blanchard
Camino Tip No. 15: Protect yourself from the sun
someone tying their hiking boots with the words how to prepare your feet for long distance walking
Learn how to keep your feet dry, happy and blister free on your next hike.
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The Camino de Santiago: Shoes, Socks, and Blisters
The Camino de Santiago: First Aid via @travelpast50
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Common FAQ's For The Camino De Santiago | The Gallivanting Gallos
Common FAQ's For The Camino De Santiago | The Wandering Wanderluster
a foggy road with a lone tree in the middle and a quote from saint augustine
The Feast of St James is celebrated in Santigo de Compostela the 25th of July. “Camino de Santiago” is a medieval pilgrimage route.
the cover of perfect moments on the camino, featuring a bridge over a stream
Camino de Santiago: Sarria, The Last 100 kms - One Road at a Time
The journey of a lifetime... walking the Camino de Santiago. And, the realities of what it's like to physically and mentally challenge youself. #TBIN #caminodesantiago