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a sign that says why you need to work on bringing traffic to your old blog posts
Why You Need to Work on Bringing Traffic to Your Old Blog Posts
If you have blogged for a year or more, you have a load of old blog posts in your archives. But don't just abandon them, ignored and forgotten. Instead, look at those old blog posts and find ways to update them and make them fresh again. Here's how to bring traffic to your old blog posts and why it is worth spending time doing this. Click to read more #onpageseo #trafficbuilding #oldblogposts
a white room with the words, 20 epic blog post ideas for photographers with mostly blog planner
20 Blog Ideeën voor Vastgoedstylisten en Vastgoedfotografen
When you find it hard to come up with ideas for your blog content you should check this post: 20 great ideas that get you started!
a woman using her laptop with the text step - by - step content planning for beginners
Content Planning for Social Media - social media - content planning
Step by step content planning for beginners. Plan your social media content using these worksheets and prompts. #contentplanning #socialmediacontent
the words, what is a welcome email series and why you need to create one
What is a Welcome Email Series (And Why You Need to Create One)
Email marketing is the one guaranteed way to get in touch with people as social media becomes more complicated. The welcome email series or sequence is the key part of this contact and helps build relationships with your subscribers. Read about what to
a computer screen with the words how to customise your blog photos for social media
Ultimate Guide to Blog Photos- Free Download
Stock photos are a great way to create visuals for your blog but there's always the risk that other people have the same shot. That's why editing and customising them lets you use stock photos but still create unique visuals for your blog. Find out a professional's top tips on how to do it and what you need to accomplish this here! #stockphotos #graphicdesign #blogdesign
the tools i use to make blogging easy and fun for techie virtual services
The Tools I Use to Make Blogging Easy and Fun
Tools are the key way to get more done with your time when you run a blog or business. Here are my favourites and why I love them to get help be organised and do more #tech #tools #bloggingtips #techtips