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18.5mm Boulder Opal VIDEO Link With Precious Electric Green Fire 18.5 by 16 by 5mm 11.1ct - Etsy UK

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Also see NirvanaGems London https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NirvanaGemsLondon ShangrilaGems ‘The Best Gems on the Web!’ Gem-A Corporate Member See Youtube video: https://youtu.be/UjQVnSxZ9Ns 18.5mm Boulder opal VIDEO link with precious Electric green fire 18.5 by 16 by 5mm 11.1ct * Exquisite and so unusual. * In the recent leading opal auction in Los Angeles, boulder opal with this precious emerald green fire was selling for a serious premium. * Top designers worldwide trust ShangrilaGems to source unusual and unique stones for them. Ethically mined and cut - untreated. Boulder opal was first discovered in Quilpe, Western Australia, around the year 1870. Almost all boulder opal available today is from Western Queensland's opal-rich fields, confined to an area of about 200 to 300 square kilometers. Boulder Opal Gemstone Information About Boulder Opal ************************* *Fine specimens of boulder opal can exhibit all of the spectral colors through their distinct play of color. * Boulder opal accounts for approximately 2% of all of Australia's opal, so it is quite rare. Boulder opal is found embedded in large boulders of ironstone, which is how it earned its name. * Occurring as pebble rock, precious opal develops within thin veins, fissures and hollows. As opal miners attempt to remove the embedded opal from the ironstone, some of the host matrix is preserved during the process. For this reason, boulder opal is sometimes referred to as 'opal in matrix'. *The ironstone matrix enhances the stones durability and vibrancy of color, often increasing the desirable effects of 'play of color' and 'opalescence', which are two different optical phenomena, commonly mistaken for being one and the same. * Boulder opal is often cut in irregular, free-form shapes, in attempt to maximise the size and value of the finished opal stone. * Boulder opal is not typically treated in any way. They are naturally layered with host rock matrix. Boulder opal is often referred to as 'natural opal doublet', because of its shared similarities with opal doublet. However, opal doublet gems are assembled, whereas boulder opal is naturally layered with its host rock matrix. 'Opal' comes from the Greek word 'opallus', which loosely translates as 'changing color'. Healing Properties * Boulder opal is thought to help alleviate depression and help find true love. * Physically, it can ease pain and suffering associated with the abdomen, lower back and intestinal organs, including the liver, kidney and adrenal glands. * Boulder opal is an aid for the common cold and influenza. Boulder opal channels a projective energy that can benefit all chakras. ******Disclaimer: Metaphysical and Alternative Crystal Healing Powers and Properties are not to be taken as confirmed advice, along with the Gemstone Lore and myths, we research a variety of sources and are not the sole opinion of ShangrilaGems.