a white and black rabbit sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a blue rug
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Bunny Wood Sisal Digging Toy, Small Pet Chew Toy, Rabbit Enrichment, Mental Stimulation for Pets

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One of our most popular toys! This is great for the bunny that love to dig and chew your carpet! Sisal is tied through the holes in the top to provide opportunity for your bunny to dig, chew and destroy and leave your carpets alone! It's easy to teach your pets to use and fun entertainment for the whole family. Play games with your bunny by hiding treats in between the sisal threads to forage for their yummy treats! You can even sprinkle pellets on the sisal top to help show down fast eating bunnies! This good quality, solid untreated pine wood toy will stimulate your pets' minds, encourage playfulness and enrich their lives. Enjoy hours of entertainment for you and your pet! This wood toy measures 10" long x 10" wide x 2" tall. MADE TO ORDER! Each piece of wood varies so there may be knots in the wood and other variations due to the material. Looking for more enrichment toys for your bun? Check out our Bunny Hide a Treat Toy or one of our popular Bunny Lounger Beds! All images are protected by US Copyright Law and are the property of Crafty Mermaid Sara LLC.
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