5x9 Traditional Rug, 5x9 Vintage Rug, Handknotted Rug, 5x9 Turkish Rug, Rug For Living Room,Wool Rug,5x9 Unique Vintage Rug,5x9 Old Rug,9725 Welcome to my shop! Material: % 50 Cotton % 50 Wool Dimensions: 8.9 x 5.2 ft ( 270 cm x 158 cm ) Stock code: 9725 🌟PICTURES AND COLORS Photographs of our carpets are professionally taken with a high resolution digital camera in a color temperature controlled environment. We do our best to reflect the natural colors of the carpets. Please note that there ma Traditional Rugs, Old Rug, Rug For Living Room, Colour Photograph, Color Contrast, Traditional Rug, Cotton Rug, Natural Colors, Temperature Control