the inside of a glass container filled with dirt and other things that are in it
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Baltic Amber Inclusion 7689 Rare Swarm OF Flies In Clear Amber ! Fossil Insect. Genuine Natural Amber, Entomology. Paleontology

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Hello. Inclusion Inside Natural Baltic Amber Piece : Rare Swarm OF Flies In Clear Amber ! 7 flies or more. ( Please always check size of inclusions !! ) Amber weight - 2.69 gram Amber size - 2.6 cm / 1.8 cm / 1 cm Inclusion ~ 0.2 cm max Pictures are larger - please check diemensions and pictures with line ( line is in cm / mm ) : Feel free to ask me for more and better resolution photos ! Baltic Amber is a light material and thats why the weight is so low. Also feel free to ask me for any questions about Baltic amber or inclusions. This is the passion of my life - i am collector and trader Age of Baltic amber is about 40-54 million years - it was EOCENE ERA. Baltic Amber it is fossil resin. Inclusions - everything trapped inside amber - animals and plants but also detritus, air bubbles, sometimes enhydros ( running water drops ), acari, extermely rare mammalian hairs, even freshwater shrimps or bird feathers. Inside many baltic amber pieces we also can see Stellate Hairs ( Oak ) very characteristic for Baltic Amber. For observation its good to have loupe or microscope. Great stuff for a collector or enthusiast of insects. I accept PAYPAL AND ETSY PAYMENTS ! Shipping including cardboard box for safe transport + bubble envelope ( box with amber is inside envelope ) I dont sell any Fake, Copal or Plastic imitations. All ambers i got from Baltic amber coast. I am waiting for payment max 5 days. If you buy it you have to be sure. I accept returns only when item is damaged by post office. Becouse of microscope light and photocamera - colours can be different. Soon more very interesting inclusions and also very rare pieces. Thank you for visit. Please check my other auctions with Baltic Amber inclusions Regards Artur
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