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Big Bang Acrylic Wall Art, Acrylic Pour Artwork, Abstract Original Artwork, Bohemian Art, Handmade Gift

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The acrylic pouring method creates a mesmerizing, marbled effect on the canvas as the paints flow without blending together. This versatile technique can be employed on a range of surfaces, including canvas, wood, and glass, yielding stunning results when the paint mixture is prepared with precision.
With the application of quality acrylic paints using the Acrylic Pouring technique on 13 x 13 inches (33.1 x 33.1 cm) canvas, the art of illumination was also used in the completely handmade work. You can easily display it on your wall using the included hanging bracket, which seamlessly complements its design.
Suitable for offices, living rooms, entryways, bedrooms, kitchens, yoga studios, yoga centers, mystic rooms, shopping centers, and hotels.🏠🏨🧘‍♀️
Some people use them to decorate their altar or sacred space of yoga.
About the artist:
Hi, I'm Hulya,
I have been interested in art since 2019. Thanks to my artwork, I allow my subconscious to tell my story. I hope that the energy of these artworks will light up your home.
May the artworks, which I created with love, painted with each acrylic paint, imbued with beautiful energies, and which are also completely handmade, spread curative energies to you, your surroundings, and your beloved ones. 🎆💫❤️
Designing and painting artworks create a sense of relaxation and help focus your attention, making them a great way to increase your awareness and alleviate stress.
I focus with all my energy while painting these beautiful artworks. I feel that it reduces my stress and helps me stay calm. 🙏❤️ I have carefully prepared each piece and made it ready to be displayed at your home or gifted to someone special. In these artworks, I used colors and designs that are compatible with each other in order to adapt to any environment in your home, store, or office. Using quality materials, I turned each one into a unique piece of art.
My artworks, each of which is original, are the perfect option for your home or office gift.
You can put or hang these artworks anywhere you want. You will absolutely love it while you look at it.
I draw my artwork on canvas, wood, or MDF materials after technical drawing, using acrylic paints, brush technique, and special pens.🎨🖌️ 🖊️
In addition to my completed works, you can also find and buy my paintable artworks, which you or the people you will gift can use as accessories.
Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures.
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Thank you.📦🎁
Care instructions:
⭐ My designs don't require special care.
⭐ While placing the products, make sure that you place them somewhere that isn't directly exposed
to sunlight. ❌☀️
⭐ You can clean it with a soft, dry, and clean cloth occasionally.
⭐ Keep away from water. ❌🚰
⭐ Do not scratch with sharp objects ❌🔪
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With lots of love ❤️
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