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Black Drop Earrings. Vegetal Ivory Earrings. Handmade Tagua Nut Statement Jewelry . Bridesmaid Gifts. Lightweight Beaded Earrings for Women - Etsy

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These are Folkstyle colorful earrings. Free spirit earrings style made of tagua nut. handmade funky earrings. statement accessories. birthday gift.dangle and drop earrings
❤ What is Tagua Nut?
Vegetable ivory or tagua nut is a product made from the very hard white seeds of certain palm trees found in some counties of South America. These Taguas are particularly sustainable source from Colombia
❤ How is it made?
When harvesting seeds from the rain-forests and lowlands, some are gathered from the rainforest floor while others require a skilled farmer to climb high into the tropical canopy to harvest ripe pods. In both cases, trees are not harmed and the commercialization of these seeds helps to ensure the survival of the world’s rainforest by providing an alternative income for its inhabitants in place of logging or selling their lands to destructive industries. Through a manual, low energy process, seeds are transformed into beads, which have sculptural natural irregularities, both in color and form. Each piece is truly one of a kind.
❤ Who is it for?
These earrings are a versatile piece. Of course, it could be a wonderful gift for yourself. However, If you are looking to give something special to a woman this could be easily a present for your friend, Bridesmaid gift, sister, mother, or wife.
These earrings would be a lovely gift for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, wedding gift for a bridesmaid, Christmas, or any other special day. Just name it.
❤ Dimensions.
These earrings are very lightweight ( 0.08 Oz each one ) that's why you can wear them all day long. Perfect for warm days at work or a fun family day.
Remember that each piece is one of a kind. However, their average dimensions are: Length: 2.2 Inches; Drop length: 1.2 Inches; Width: 1 Inches
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❤ What if I love them but I want them in another color or another design?
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❤ Are you looking to complement these earrings with a necklace?
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❤ Some extra love... ❤❤❤
The tradition of taking natural resources and make them jewelry is part of an ancient culture and that's why each piece it's authentic, nature-inspired and It has spiritual value.
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